Statement on Design Review Board Approval for 5775 Collins Avenue

December 11, 2017

The team at Multiplan Real Estate Asset Management is honored to have received approval from the Miami Beach Design Review Board for our project at 5775 Collins Avenue.

We appreciated the feedback from city staff and the community, and are pleased to have addressed and resolved the two key points noted in the initial meeting – providing public beach access and reducing the building’s width, which resulted in a new setback.

The public beach access will in essence be a linear park, complete with lamp posts and benches. It will be a 15-foot-wide path – designed with a slight curvature and comprising a five-foot-wide walkway, flanked by extensive landscaping along the south and north sides. It will be located on the south side of the 5775 Collins Avenue site, putting it closest to the lifeguard station on the beach.

As to the reduction of the building’s width, we have created a greater view corridor than what was previously offered, an expansive 103 feet of distance between the 5775 Collins building and the neighboring building to the south, which is of the most generous building to building six separations in that part of Collins Avenue. Furthermore, the façade of the building has been slightly modified — now accented with a subtle ripple/undulation, one that gives the exterior of the building a more asymmetrical design.

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